Smart Contracts for Influencers and Creators

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  1. Phase #1- The first phase is integrating the Agoric SDK and a test network for issuing smart contracts tied to or on top of your decentralized social media profile.
  2. Phase #2 - More than likely, the second phase is an Optimistic Rollup on top of Ethereum created for creators as the mainnet. We may also integrate various sidechain capabilities in the future.
  3. Phase #3 - Phase 3 is an experimental phase, and we want to possibly integrate a sidechain to Lonero's Decentralized-Internet SDK and create a series of offline-centric DAPP capabilities as well for creator DAPPs.

Please note that both the wallet application seen above and apps are open source and have public facing repositories. These been released by the original CloutContracts team, but third party applications that utilize CloutContracts are worth extra scrutiny, especially if they aren't open source or by an unknown entity. The wallet application is primarily built for people who don't want to use MetaMask and prefer to run something locally. Please consider this software "as-is".

Our Goal

Our goal is that our network contributes to further decentralizing and disrupting not just social media, but the internet. We want to be tailored towards both creators and developers.


Rollup layers already exist and offer low gas fees, but very few to the extent of trying to get the best of both worlds.


Are you tired of closed-source? CloutContracts and its layers aim to be fully open-source and licensed under the OPNL license(s) and few other compatible licenses. Other devs can build on top of us.


Create something seperate or on top of your creator profile. You might even be able to do things such as custom faucets, DAPPs and other cool features.


We make third party social networks more decentralized. Due to the IWUP, if a third party network were to go offline, forking said network would be easier w/ tied user smart contracts.

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